KPC Still Seeking Council Member

We had previously reported Kenai Peninsula College was seeking a member to fill an empty seat on their council, that search continues.


We spoke with KPC’s Suzie Kendrick about the open position.


Kendrick: “The position that is currently open right now is a peninsula wide at large seat, we have representation from various sectors of the peninsula for instance some folks of the Southern Peninsula in Homer, Eastern Peninsula in Seward and of course the Central Peninsula but this particular seat is open to anyone on the Kenai Peninsula that might be interested in serving the council”.


Kendrick outlined what one would do to apply to a seat on KPC council.



Kendrick: “We ask that they put together a letter of interest, a brief resume and send it to the College Director which is Gary J. Turner here at the Kenai River Campus or if they have an additional questions they can call Director’s Turner’s Assistant at 262-0318. We really do appreciate all of the wonderful community members that have contributed over the past years, we really would not be the college we are without their service”.

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