KPC Dorm Residents Enjoying New Housing Facility

KPC finally opened their new on-campus dormitory facility last month, for the first time in the history of the college, students are now living on campus.


We spoke with Advancement Program Manager Suzie Kendrick about dorm numbers.

Kendrick: “We have around 30 residents at this time, we’ve got 5 RA’s that are living in the hall and the residents life coordinator Leslie and her husband they live there 24/7 and so although we don’t have a full house yet we do continue to get interest from all around the state and I think that as time passes we will see a larger and larger community there”.


Kendrick said KPC is taking steps to keep the new residents engaged and entertained.



Kendrick: “They’re hosting weekly activities and events, they’ve got an activity scheduled right now Sandra Shaginoff Stewart who is our Alaskan Native and Rural Coordinator here at the campus, she’s going to be providing a class in beading and art. Leslie said they had a movie night last night which was a big success and they’ve got several more programs in the works for the next two weeks so there’s a lot going on over there and its so much more than just a place to live”.


Kendrick briefly mentioned the dorms have something “very fun” in the works for Halloween at the dorm campus and will inform us as more details are known.

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