KPBSD Seeing Low PTA Numbers

With school being back in session comes the yearly scramble for PTA members in schools around the peninsula.


We checked in with Dr. Steve Atwater Superintendent of the KPBSD about borough wide PTA numbers for the 2013 school year thus far.



Atwater: “As always we’re lower than we thought but what happens is at the start of the year we start down a little bit and then we creep up and everyday we’re having 15-20 kids enroll and so across the borough we start low and creep up until October so it looks like we will be where we thought we’d be but the big take away is that there’s no big influx of kids, there’s some concern that the increase of oil activity of the north road would bring a big influx of kids and we’re really not seeing that.”


We also checked in with Mountain View Elementary to see if they hit their projected PTA numbers for the start of the school year.

Principal Norma Holmgaard had this to say.



Holmgaard: “Mt. View PTA is a pretty phenomenal group and they are small in numbers, not a lot of people join our PTA but they do a tremendous amount of work for our school they are here in the building helping with picture day, which is a very long day making sure kids get there and get back to their classrooms. They do several fund raisers during the year and provide many many supports to our school, special events, special activities. They could sure use some more memberships , more folks who are willing to donate even a couple hours a year, I think it costs $6 a year to be a part of our PTA and its well worth it because everything goes back into our school.”

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