KPBSD Schedules Early Release Days

The local school district is pioneering new early release days, sending students home 90 minutes early to allow teachers more time for improvement strategies. District Superintendent Dr. Steve Atwater…


Dr. Atwater: “A lot of districts do this one day a week, and so even though it may sound like a foreign concept to people, it’s being done all over the place. And so we’re just stepping into the ring, so to speak, with six days per year or so. A total of nine hours of missed school for the year.”


The scheduled days are:


  • September 18
  • October 30
  • November 20
  • January 22
  • February 26
  • April 16
Dr. Atwater said all district departments are working together in the transition…
Dr. Atwater: “It’s the same as we have early release days other times. The buses will run on time, but just earlier.”
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