KPB Assembly Member Defends Moose Pass Town Hall Meeting

As the Borough Administration’s anadromous streams protection task force completes its town hall meeting process, some have questioned scheduling such a meeting in Moose Pass. Borough Assembly member Brent Johnson of Clam Gulch…


Asm. Johnson(Clam Gulch): “Moose Pass, as you know, sets right between Upper and Lower Trail Lake, and both of those are going to be added as well as Trail River. Snow River runs into the, oh we’ll call it, the south east end of Kenai Lake, and snow river will be added. I don’t know if their in the Chugach Forest or not, but I know that their not part of the existing habitat protection ordinance, and that their slated to be added.”



Johnson also addressed claims that many hear Seward will not be affected by the controversial ordinance…


Asm. Johnson(Clam Gulch): “Most of Resurrection River, which runs into Seward will be added, its only the lower stretches where they have so much gravel and braided streams that are not added. And then also, Six Mile Creek, and Resurrection Creek runs into Hope, and those are going to be added. So Moose Pass would be much closer for those people to attend a meeting to.” 


The final scheduled town hall meeting will be held on April 9th, at 6:00pm at the Moose Pass Community Center.

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