Know Two Ways Out



October is Fire Safety month and a good time to improve fire safety strategies. Brad Nelson with Central Emergencies Services said we should all know two ways out of our homes.



Nelson: “This year’s theme is Know Two Ways Out and what that is referring to is, wherever you are, whether it’s your house a hotel, school dorm, wherever, work, always know two ways out of every place that you’re in. The reason being, you never know where the fire’s going to be.

Most people just by human nature, they’ve done many, many studies on it, they come in the front door and just by human tendency that’s where you’re going to try and get out. And if there’s something wrong with that exit or that egress, people can panic and not know another way out, so definitely practice two ways out of your home.”


Nelson encouraged school and workplace fire drills to practice a variety of exit routes, to train people in being able to choose an alternative.


Another key fire drill practice is to have a set meeting place for people to meet if a fire occurs. This way, when the fire department arrives, they can quickly calculate if anyone is inside, needing rescue.

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