King Salmon Task Force Member Details Plan

As we’ve reported, the Board of Fish’s Kenai River late run King Salmon Management Task Force finished their meeting process last month in Kenai. Task Force member, Ken Coleman who represented the interests of East Side Set net fisherman, outlined the plan that will be forwarded to the board of fish this month..


Coleman: “If the in-river sport fishery goes to no bait, the East Side Setnet fishery would be managed by emergency order authority to harvest sockeye, and that’s what we’ve been trying to call adaptive management. Meaning, no regular periods, you could fish up to half of the prescribed hours available to you by emergency order as the plan would normally have. In other words, if you had 72-hours, you go 36-hours, up to 36-hours, they are not mandatory time periods, we are sill allowing for again flexibly, to manage the fishery if there is an abundance of fish on the beach.”

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