Kenai Water Restrictions Down to Two Days/Week

Voluntary water restrictions in the City of Kenai have brought the reservoir back to full capacity. As a result, the City is encouraging two regular restrictions-free days per week: Sunday and Wednesday.


On all other days, administrators are requesting that residents limit their water usage and not water lawns.


While the reservoir level is looking good right now, City Manager Rick Koch said the underlying problem – the small city well – is still there…


Koch: “We find ourselves in a position that we don’t have the capacity to generate enough water to meet the demand. And we had hoped that problem would have been solved by this year, but it took a fair amount of time for us to get plan approval from DEC to tie in our new high-production well. And the contractor is working on that. Unfortunately, it’s probably not going to happen soon enough to have a positive effect on this year.”


Koch asked that when you water you lawn on Sunday and Wednesday, do it in the early morning or evening hours, when the sun is least likely to cause evaporation.


The City asked that other activities that consume a lot of water, like washing cars, washing exterior  driveways and sidewalks, etc. be limited.


If you have any questions please contact Sean Wedemeyer, Public Works Director, at 283-8240.

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