Kenai to Set Project Priorities

Kenai City Council members will discuss the City’s capital works priorities for the new State budget on September 18th at 5pm. City Manager Rick Koch…


Koch: “This year, I’m not sure what we’ll have for our priorities. We’ve already submitted for the municipal matching grants, and I think we’ll probably make the cut for funding for the wastewater treatment plan again this year, and we’ll just see where we go from there.”


Last year, the City was relatively successful with their funding requests, though Koch noted the Governor’s capital budget was smaller overall…


Koch: “the amount of capital projects that came out of the legislature were actually significantly decreased from the year before, it was a billion dollars less, so every community got less than they had the years before, but we were fairly successful, we did get $2.5 million for a million-gallon water storage reservoir, and then we got some smaller items. We got $110,000 for improvements to the public safety building, $90,000 for a rescue boat and $150,000 for personal use fishery improvements. So, we did alright. It wasn’t a stellar year, but we did pretty good.”


Koch said the meeting had to be held before the Governor sets his Capital Budget in November.

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