Kenai Soapbox Derby to Be Only Race in Alaska

The Kenai Rotary Club is continuing the plan for the upcoming Soapbox Derby race in the city of Kenai. The race will be held on May 18th this year, and Kenai Rotarian and race director Scott Hamann said that this race will be unique for the State of Alaska.


Hamann:” Yes it is, unfortunately, there used to be a program in Unalaska, one in Kodiak, and one in the Valley, but they’ve all shut down now, so Kenai is the last place for kids to do that, and we’re glad to be able to do that, because I think it’s a real great program for kids.”


We also asked if there is still time for racers to sign up…


Hamann:” Lots of opportunities  we’ve got lots of cars, lots of ways to get involved. If you’ve got a child between the ages of  9 all the way through 17 that’s interested in racing, we’d love to have them, get them involved. It really is the one of the best thing I’ve seen for kids. The growth I’ve seen from them every year, and sportsmanship, and confidence that they get out of doing the race, I’m really amazed, it really keeps me going to see what happens to those kids. And a rare opportunity to be able to go out and participate, cause the winner of the race gets to go to Akron. Every year those kids that come back from Akron are again even more grown, and more excited about the things they’ve been able to experience than ever before.”


Hamman can be reached at his business, Metal Magic at 776-7676

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