Kenai Senior Center Looks To Install Heated Sidewalks

The Kenai Senior Center has applied for a community block grant to provide heated sidewalks and an emergency back-up generator. Director Rachael Craig said the projects are more important to the Center than they might seem…


Craig: “Heated sidewalks just seems like to me, sometimes when you hear that, seems like kinda’ it’s a frivolous thing, but our heated sidewalks will go underneath our carport at the S C and into the entrance and in front of ADA parking, so this will provide a clean area, or at least we’re hoping it’ll provide a clean area when we have our rough winter weather.”


We asked Craig if this has been a problem area in the past…


Craig: “It has been. Because we sit on the bluff, we get a lot of wind, so we get a lot of drifting, so no matter how much we shovel or sand or put salt down, snow and ice build up. As we get, you know, the more snow we have, of course, the more build-up can occur, even though we’re trying to shovel and take care of it during the day.”

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