Kenai Seeing 15% Drop in Water Consumption, Need Continues

Kenai City Manager Rick Koch told members of the City Council last night that local residents have answered the call to conserve water, resulting in a 15 percent decrease in water usage. Practically, he said this meant a difference between losing a foot of water per day in the city’s reservoir, to slight gains.


However, Koch said the trouble’s not over yet, and asked for…


Koch: “Continued conservation, and hope for some drizzly rain for a couple of days. We very much appreciate the efforts that people are taking right now, and appreciate them continuing to try and conserve water as they can, so that we have enough water on hand to be able to respond to any emergencies.”


Residents are asked to limit activities like watering lawns, washing cars, and washing exterior surfaces such as siding, driveways, and sidewalks. Simple water-saving practices include: not letting faucets run continuously and operating dishwashers and/or washing machines only when full.

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