Kenai River Sport Restrictions Ending at Midnight

A number of restrictions that are currently in place for sport fishing on the Kenai River are set to expire at midnight. Sport Fisheries Biologist Robert Begich with the Soldotna Office of Fish and Game…


Begich: “12:01am tonight, bait is good to go on the lower Kenai from the Soldotna Bridge(Sterling Highway crossing) downstream to the mouth. It was prohibited by emergency order, but that expires at midnight.”


Begich said that the bait closure won’t be the only restriction lifting


Begich: “Repairing and habitat areas that area closes from fishing at the bank from July 1 though August 15th are now open. There’s no sockeye in the river so, you know, those aren’t necessary so those go away by standard regulation tomorrow. So that will free up a little of space for folks to fish especially if you want to anchor next to shore or close to shore within 10-feet of shore and fish coho’s.”

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