Kenai River Dipnet Fishery Opens for 2013

As of 6:00am this morning, the Kenai River Personal Use Dipnet Fishery has opened for another year. Robert Begich, Sport Fisheries Biologist with the Soldotna office of Fish and Game had some words of advice to those who plan to hit the beaches in the coming three weeks…


Begich: “Be aware that it is prohibited to retain a king salmon in the dipnet fishery. Secondly, in the run this year, there are a lot of small king salmon in the run. And when I mean small, fish less than 20-inches or 30-inches, so there will be king salmon that are the same size or smaller than Sockeye, so they[dipnetters] need to be able to identify the fish they are harvesting. King salmon will have black spots on their backs and both lobes of their tail fin, and also will have a black gum line, they can be confused with pink salmon. So the best thing to do is to release any fish that you may think is a king salmon, and the way to do it, the most effective way is just to invert the bag of the net, or your net handle, and flip it around to let that fish get out of your net. Don’t remove it from the water, and don’t bring it to the shore.”


The dipnet fishery will remain open though 11:59pm on Wednesday, July 31st.

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