Kenai Residents Submit Comp Plan Petition

Local residents have submitted a petition to have the City of Kenai’s new Comprehensive Plan put on the local ballot.


Mark Schrag, a resident of the MAPS subdivision, said the plan needs to be put to a public vote…


Schrag: “I don’t feel like it is a very good plan, and that the public wasn’t given a chance to comment on all the different amendments, the changes that they made. I feel like if they feel really good about the product they’ve come up with, with the new plan, they should be willing to let the public weigh in on it.”


The petition was submitted to the Kenai City Clerk Sandra Modigh on Friday. She and the City Attorney will now have one month to review the petition to determine the legality of the document and authenticity of the signatures. Since the petition was submitted within 30 days of the passage of the Comp Plan, the plan will likely not go into effect until the petition is either deemed insufficient or goes to a public vote.

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