Kenai Residents Begin Petition to Overturn Comp Plan

Posted: April 26, 2013 at 5:02 pm

It’s been no secret there are some residents of Kenai who are displeased with the city’s new comprehensive plan. Mark Schrag, a resident of the MAPS subdivision which was at the center of the comprehensive plan debate, said he’s putting together a petition to have the plan overturned.


Schrag: “I don’t feel like it is a very good plan, and that the public wasn’t given a chance to comment on all the different amendments, the changes that they made. I feel like if they feel really good about the product they’ve come up with, with the new plan, they should be willing to let the public weigh in on it.”


Schrag and other concerned residents will soon be collecting signatures to put the comp plan to a public vote.


Kenai City Clerk, Sandra Modigh, said they have approximately three weeks to collect at least 203 signatures from registered Kenai voters in order to get the measure on the October ballot.


To get in touch with Mr. Schrag, call 283-9382.

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One Comment to “Kenai Residents Begin Petition to Overturn Comp Plan”

  • BoDiddley says:

    The MAPS subdivision was not at the center of the debate only a handful of eternally disgruntled individuals. If this petition moves forward it is an abuse of the voter referendum process. The comprehensive plan was developed by the planning and zoning commission over a two year period through a process that included hundreds of Kenai residents. The Council considered 60-70 amendments prior to passing the plan onto the Borough. Don’t reward the lies of a few people that detest local government, by supporting this petition.