Kenai Rec Center to Receive Some Attention

The Kenai Rec Center is well-used by local athletes, and well-loved, though it’s kind of an eyesore…

according to Kenai Mayor Pat Porter…





Mayor Porter: “It’s time that tie City of Kenai actually works with an architect to re-look at that building. It’s been since the early 80’s when the Rec Center was actually built and very little has been done to change it.”


To date, some minor projects have been undertaken in the facility, but Mayor Porter said they’re barely worth mentioning.


Mayor Porter: “Some little band aid fixes, and certainly have kept the gym floor working, but we don’t have new bleachers, our bathrooms need to be totally re-done, and there are some areas within the facility that are totally unused, and they could be turned into something that our citizens here would like to use.”


Porter said she’s just waiting on a letter from the local Boys and Girls Club before she starts drumming up Council support for the overhaul.

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