Kenai P&Z Commission Talking Chicken Tonight

Posted: January 23, 2013 at 7:58 am

The Kenai Planning and Zoning Commission will meet tonight, and on the commission agenda is giving their recommendation to the Kenai City Council on a proposed ordinance to allow residents with lots under an acre in size to keep up to twelve chickens, just hens.


This ordinance was sponsored by Kenai City Council member Mike Boyle..


Boyle: “It’s something that is done around the country, I mean, a lot of communities have opportunities for citizens to have backyard chickens, as I’ve heard them being called tonight.” 

The planning and zoning commission has two options on their agenda for their recommendation, to tell the City Council the Planning & Zoning Commission recommends against the adoption of the ordinance, saying the Commission believes the process currently provided for in the Kenai Municipal Code which requires application for a conditional use permit to be the appropriate process for property owners desiring to house chicken hens on their property.

Or to not adopt the ordinance, and recommends that the Council direct the Administration to draft a substitute and/or new ordinance which proposes a process for property owners desiring to house chicken hens on their property which is  similar to the existing requirements for a kennel  permit.



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One Comment to “Kenai P&Z Commission Talking Chicken Tonight”

  • KRF says:

    I would support this only if part of the ordinance required Boyle to be housed in a pen, he is the biggest backyard chicken Kenai has ever seen.