Kenai Peninsula Rentals 2nd Cheapest Statewide

Of the 10 major Alaskan communities studied, the Kenai Peninsula Borough was the second cheapest for average rental prices.


The Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development says the average two-bedroom apartment in Kenai costs $872 a month, second only to the Wrangell Borough for cheap housing.


At the top of the list, the same type of apartment in Kodiak will cost around $1,300 month or $1,200 in Anchorage or Juneau.


The Kenai Peninsula also fell below most other communities when it comes to house prices; the Department says it takes Kenai Peninsula residents 1.1 paychecks to afford buying a house locally, compared to the 1.2 state average and 1.5 in Bethel. They estimated the average home cost is $243,474.

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