Kenai Peninsula Delegation Mixed on Cruise Waste Water Bill

As we reported, House Bill 80, the governor’s proposal to change voter backed cruise ship waste water regulations passed the state senate yesterday. Both members of the Kenai Peninsula Senate Delegation backed the measure.

Sen. Cathy Giessel took to the floor yesterday in support of the bill saying that HB 80 allows for a cruise ship effluent mixing zone to meet Alaska marine Water Quality Standards.  These are the same mixing zone that allows municipal wastewater treatment plants, fish processors, and others to have mixing zones permitted through a public process.

Giessel said that there is considerable hyperbole and confusion around this bill.  There was an old TV show, featuring a detective.  When he was dealing with a distraught witness, the detective was famous for saying “Just the fact, ma’am.  Just the facts.”  As policy makers, THAT is our responsibility.  We must objectively evaluate the facts.


The Kenai Peninsula House delegation was mixed on the measure when the house took it up however, with House Speaker Mike Chenault of Nikiski and Rep. Kurt Olson of in favor.  Rep. Paul Seaton of Homer cast a no vote

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