Kenai Peninsula Borough’s Top Legislative Priorities for 2014

At last night’s Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting, the Borough’s top federal legislative priorities to take to their delegation in Washington D.C. were discussed.


There are five top priorities for 2014 are  Beluga Whale studies, putting pressure on the federal fishery management to reduce Chinook by-catch in federal fisheries, continuation of Payment In Lieu of Taxes funding for Borough lands, Spruce Bark Beetle mitigation, and help with the Elodea infestation in Alaskan lakes.


Assembly Member Mako Haggerty said the first four priorities are ones that are already in action and the Borough wishes to continue however the Elodea infestation may require extra funding.


Haggerty: “And it’s quickly taking over some of the lakes here on the Peninsula. And it’s going to affect anadromous fish. It’s going to affect all the fishing in whatever lake is affected with it. It’s a real terrifying prospect.”


Elodea is a relatively new weed that reproduces quickly in slow moving lakes.

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