Kenai Peninsula Borough in Seward Tonight

KPB Mayor Mike Navarre said tonight’s Borough Assembly meeting will be held in Seward, to give residents on the eastern side of the Borough a chance to rub shoulders with their representatives.


KPB Mayor Navarre: “We don’t get over here very often, and since most of the meetings are held at the Borough Assembly Chambers at Soldotna, we like to travel to Seward once a year and Homer once a year to give those folks easier access.”


The Mayor said tonight’s agenda looks like it will run fairly smoothly, and give plenty of opportunity for public input.


KPB Mayor Navarre: “There’s a number of items up tonight, there’s a couple of road projects that’re going to be awarded and we’ve gone through the process of going out to bid, we have the bids back and the Assembly will be awarding those projects. One of them is for a project in the Central Peninsula off of Ciechanski, the other one is in North Kenai, and this is something that there’ll be a lot of these over the course of the next couple of meetings, that’re just gearing up for the construction season.

There’s a fiscal note resolution that’s been introduced by Assembly President Murphy and Assemblyman Wolf that is just to establish a fiscal note policy, so that we identify what the costs are associated with legislation that’s passing.”


Mayor Navarre said they’d also be appropriating a number of small grants and hearing from Seward residents.

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