Kenai Parks and Rec Continuing Work on Trails Within City

Crews with the Kenai Parks and Recreation department are continuing the ongoing trail projects in the city. We spoke to Bob Frates, Parks and Rec director for the city, who said that work is continuing to heat up, as the temperatures continue to raise…


Frates: “We’re about, I’d say, 90% finished or completed with the existing trails that we put in last year. Things we’ll be looking at this summer or spring;  mitigating any erosion concerns from over the course of the winter, we’re kind of fighting through those things, we’re looking at getting our benches in place, benches, trash receptacles, signage, that sort of stuff. Then we’re looking at the next step, which would be the continuation of putting some trails in, whether that’s at Municipal Park, or Beaver Creek Park, we’re still putting the final touches on those decisions.”

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