Kenai Moving Forward With New City Shop

At last night’s meeting of Kenai City Council, Members voted in favor of assigning additional funds to the $4million project. City Manager Rick Koch said the 35% drawings and cost estimates for the new shop are now complete.


Koch: “And we’ve moved forward from that point. We’re looking at bidding a project with bids to be open some time probably in early May/late April, construction to begin immediately thereafter. Project would be done probably in early 2014.”


So far, the city has been using a collection of older buildings to try to house their equipment…


Koch: “So we try and schedule our maintenance on those large pieces during the summer, when we don’t have to have them inside. It’s a facility that the city outgrew long ago. We’ve had our eye towards this project for a number of years and have allowed our fund balance to grow over the last five years, to be in a position to be able to move forward with the project.”

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