Kenai Mayor Pat Porter to Look Into E-Cig Smoking Ordinances

As we previously reported, Kenai Mayor Pat Porter addressed Soldotna Mayor Nels Anderson earlier in the year to implement ordinances if the controversial SB 209 or HB 360 did not pass.


Since the bills died in legislature, Mayor Pat Porter said that it will probably not happen right away however she would like to see copycats of the bills made into ordinances.


Porter: “I’ve spoken with Mayor Anderson about it, he’s interested in that but both of us wanted to wait to see what happened in the state legislature and to hurry up and do that right now is not a good thing for either of our communities because both of us are really busy working on our budgets getting set for the next fiscal year. So probably sometime this summer I hope to be able to continue to work with him but I will definitely be bringing it forward in Kenai.” 


Mayor Porter said that the ordinance she would suggest would not change current smoking laws but piggy back on current regulations to include e-cigarettes or anything else that may come along so they do not have to keep changing ordinances.

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