Kenai Man Arrested Again for Assault at Residential Home

Tuesday June 11th, just before 5:25pm, the Alaska State Troopers received two 911 calls from a residential home on River Hills Rd in Kenai.

The caller stated that resident 30-year-old Feodor Konovalov was throwing things, hitting and biting at staff members and had swallowed shampoo.

Troopers responded and the ensuing investigation revealed that Konovalov had thrown a rock at staff and threatened to hit staff with a stick; during the incident he repeatedly scratched one staff member, causing pain.

Konovalov had also broken a light bulb in the residence when he swung at it with a razor.

Further investigation revealed that Konovalov was on Kenai Courthouse Conditions of Release for assaulting the same staff member several weeks prior.

Konovalov was arrested and transported to Wildwood where he was remanded for violating conditions of release, criminal mischief in the 5th degree, and 4th degree assault.

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