Kenai Library to Add Self-Checkout, Displays, Furnishings

The two-year-old Kenai Community Library has been awarded a Rasmuson¬†grant to purchase new furnishings. Director Mary Jo Joiner said the grant was made possible by matching funds from the Friends of the Library and Totem Tracers Genealogical Society…


Joiner: “What it’s going to do for us is get us some furnishings that we didn’t get when we had the construction project, and some things that we realized that we could use now that we’ve been in the building for almost two years. That includes a self-check unit, so that people can avoid waiting in line and also gives them the option to check out materials that they might have privacy issues with, medical issues things, legal, self help kind of things.”


There will also be remote devices which can be used to check out clients all over the library, additional displays, and a new unit to electronically view historic documents.

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