Kenai Increases Fees for Dip Net Fishermen and Seniors

As part of last night’s passage of the new Kenai City budget, several fundamental fees were increased. Users of the dip net fishery will now pay $20 for 24 hours of parking, which is an increase from the previous $5 for 12 hours.


City Finance Director Terry Eubank explained the need for a change…


Eubank: “One of my biggest concerns is that during the build-up, or the pre-work that goes into the personal use fishery, the City spends a lot of resources, we enter into a lot of contracts and we lay a lot of money out there in hopes that the fish will come and the people will come and we can generate the fees to pay for those things.”


Water and sewer rates also increased by a few dollars, and rents at Vintage Pointe were bumped up by $50 per month. Council Member Bob Molloy was strongly opposed to this increase, suggesting $25 per month instead…


Cm. Molloy: “There’s a value that you can’t quantify in dollars to having to a really good independent living facility, so our seniors, who have contributed so much to our community, can age gracefully in our community and pay reasonable rents that cover operations and most of the repairs.”


Molloy said he felt funds for major repairs could have been found through grants instead of rent increases, but the $50 increase was seen to already be a compromise and was adopted, with Vice-Mayor Ryan Marquis noting the City also has a responsibility to tax payers to ensure the facility is viable.

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