Kenai Guide a National Example of Shutdown Effects

A Kenai River fishing guide was featured on the front page of the Washington Post this week, as an example of how the federal government shut down is being felt by Alaskan hunting and fishing guides.


Fred Telleen is with Mystic Waters in Cooper Landing…


Telleen: “I have a federal permit through the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge to guide in the upper Kenai, and with the shut down, I got a call from the refuge essentially saying my permit is suspended during the shut down. So I’m unable to commercially operate within the refuge, which is basically what my business is based on. So, since I got that notification on October 2nd, I’ve had to cancel all my trips that were within the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge.”


Telleen said he cancelled around $5,000 worth of trips, and turned away approximately another $5,000. The rainbow trout, dolly varden, and silver salmon guide said that finished his year…


Telleen: “By the time, if anything is changed, we’re going to be rolling into winter, so I don’t think there’s going to be anything we can do this year. It’s obviously kind of frustrating. The public is still out fishing right now. There’s no enforcement, as far as I understand, but I can’t commercially guide, I can’t take a risk on my permit, which is my livelihood.”


Telleen’s been guiding on the river since the 80’s.

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