Kenai Fire Says Wiring Likely the Cause of McDonalds Fire

As we reported, two vehicles were destroyed by fire last night in the parking lot of the Kenai McDonalds.


Kenai Fire Department’s Captain James Dye said the second vehicle, owned by Marv Stommel was ignited after a late-model Lincoln burst into flames.



Capt. Dye: “The other owner of the vehicle had actually gone into the store, and then returned to her vehicle to retrieve an item and found smoke in the passenger compartment of the vehicle, and believe retrieved the item and then went back in the store and called 911. Upon arrival, her car was fully involved and it had also ignited Mr. Stommel’s vehicle as well.”


Dye said it’s likely the exact cause will never be determined, since both vehicles were complete losses, but they’ll consider…


Capt. Dye: “It was a newer vehicle, with significant electrical components that are on the more loaded vehicles as this one was. Probably focus our attention on something like that.”

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