Kenai Delays E-Cig Ordinance, Hears Testimony

With the majority of Kenai City Councillors away last night, most of their agenda was postponed for the July 23rd meeting. A public hearing on the e-cigarette ordinance was heard. Courtney Stroh, former student representative to the council…


Stroh: “I’m not saying that e-cigarettes are bad in general, I understand that they help people quit smoking and that’s a very good thing, I just don’t agree with them being used in public places such as the library, restaurants, hospitals, because I don’t like the image that it gives to the youth of the community that smoking is cool and okay, and I don’t want to see the youth in this community take a negative path and start getting addicted to things.”


Steven Mapes owns the new e-cigarette store in Kenai. He said he has no problem with business owners asking him to “vape” outside…


Mapes: “Go outside. I think they should put a sign on the door if they don’t want it. That’s what they did in airplanes. That’s what they did at the library, they say, “No e-cigs allowed. No using e-cigs allowed in here.” I think that’s great. The City doesn’t have to pass an ordinance based on really sketchy science or opinions.”


Another public hearing will be held on the ordinance when the Council returns July 23rd. They will likely vote on it at that time.

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  1. Sally 17 July, 2014, 17:31

    If a “majority of Kenai City Councillors” (sic) were absent, a meeting could not have taken place.

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