Kenai Council to Hold Dipnet Fishery Work Session Tonight

The Kenai City Council will be holding their dipnet fishery work session tonight. Tonight’s session, will begin with a review of the 2012 personal use fishery, which Kenai City Manager Rick Koch told us was the biggest year for the¬†fishery,


Koch: “The bottom line is, one again, from a financial standpoint, I think we ended up being $2,000 in the red. It was by far the largest year as it continues to be every year. We’re taking a look, a very hard look, on how to deal with fish waste and other solid waste on the beach. It’s a very expensive proposition to the tune of I think almost $240,000 of additional cost if we’re going to provide fish cleaning tables and disposal of that fish waste.”


Koch said that the costs are not directly related to the number of people using the fishery each year.


Koch: “We wouldn’t want to deal with the volume of fish that we had last year… the cost is not affected significantly by the amount of fish. There is some effect of course, depending on the method of disposal – less trips to the dump or less barge loads down the Inlet, but the front end of it is all going to be about the same. Whether you have 800,000 lb of fish waste or 500,000 lb of fish waste, the fish cleaning stations, the collection system, the personnel it takes to manage that is the same.”3


Tonight’s work session will begin at 6:00pm at the Kenai City Council Chambers.

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