Kenai Council to Confirm Fikes for P & Z

Tonight, the Kenai City Council will vote on the Mayor’s nomination of Diane Fikes for the Planning & Zoning Commission. The P&Z was at the center of some debate this year, as local residents disputed the design of the 2030 Kenai Comprehensive Plan. Mark Schrag was so opposed he mounted a ballot initiative which will now give residents a choice on October 1 to overturn the plan and start over.


Shrag has stepped up as a Kenai City Council candidate over the issue…


Schrag: “I’ve been there over the Comprehensive Plan. Over the years, I’ve been in front of them a lot, particularly with zoning issues, different councils, and I just feel like the residential interests aren’t very well represented some times.”


Fikes said that as a mother, she hopes to see Kenai continue as a family-friendly community…


Fikes: “I got the opportunity to see how Anchorage started, from its early days of its first shopping mall, if you will, to the expansion of the neighborhoods, to the over-saturation of commercial development.”


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