Kenai Council Debates Committee Appointments

During a marathon Kenai City Council meeting this week, Councillors debate the way liaisons are appointed to city commissions.


Councilman Bob Molloy raised concerns with an ordinance brought forward by the Mayor…


Cm. Molloy: “The Mayor and the Council had a process where the Mayor would submit a list of recommended assignments and there’d be a discussion where the goal was consensus, but if consensus was not achieved, an individeual counci lmember could move to amend the assignm,ents. The proposal was that only the Mayor have a right to nominate. Individual council members would no longer have a right to make an ammendment to the recommended list.”


One of the affected commissions is Planning and Zoning. Chair Jeff Twait was at this week’s Council meeting…


Twait: “I have enjoyed everyone that has sat on our commission as a liaison. We’ve had a few since I’ve been on here, and I think a little bit of diversity is nice. It gives a perspective and so I would be in favor of getting them to spread it around a little bit, but sometimes you get somebody that knows what’s going on at the commission level, and so to report back to Council is a little more informative, too.”


The Council passed the ordinance with only Council members Molloy and Boyle in opposition. Boyle said a disagreement between two members of Council shouldn’t result in a change to City ordinances, but Mayor Porter insists this simply memorializes the way it’s been done , clearing up vague language in regulations.

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