Kenai Council Asking for No More 24-Hour Dipnet Openings

During last night’s meeting of the Kenai City Council, the council unanimously approved a resolution directing Kenai City Manager Rick Koch to write the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on behalf of the City of Kenai requesting that the Personal Use Fishery not be expanded past the traditional eighteen hour daily opening. We spoke to Kenai Mayor Pat Porter…


Mayor Porter: “During certain years, when there’s a extra surplus of fish, sometimes they extend the opening to twenty-four hours for the dipnetters, and for the City of Kenai that is a real hardship. Because we are unable to take care of the beach in the sanitary and safe way we should. We just wanted to let the state know, that it is a hardship for us, and it’s very much a safety concern. Because when they do that, it’s dark and you have a lot of people out in the water, and we don’t have lights etc. that kind of thing down there. It pushes us into trying to find the staff in which to handle that with no notice at all. So it’s just a hardship and we wanted the state to be very well aware of it.”

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