Kenai Council Appropriates Over $250,000 for Dipnet Fishery

The Kenai City Council, Wednesday Night, unanimously approved two ordinances increasing estimated revenues and appropriations for the Kenai River Personal Use Dipnet Fishery. We got details from Kenai City Manager Rick Koch


Koch: “One of those is an appropriation from the state in last year’s capital budget for $150,000, we’re buying some equipment to support our efforts during the fishery, some of it is communications to the fee shacks, some of it is power to the fee shacks, there’s another tractor with a rake to drag on the beach, that’s what that was. There were some additional revenues that we received during the dipnet fishery last year from fees that exceeded what our budget was.  We appropriated those moneys into the budget, then we expended those moneys on some other support issues, such as, the floating sections of the dock, there were three floating sections on the dock that were heavily damaged last year during the fishery, so those moneys will replace those floating sections on the dock.  I think that’s primarily what that was.”

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