Kenai Classic Shifts to Silvers

The Kenai River Sportfishing Association will be holding their 20th annual Kenai River Classic this year, but for 2013 they’ll be fishing for silvers…


Gease: “This year, the event was moved to August and in prior years, most of the years, we had fished on king salmon.”


Executive Director Ricky Gease said that despite the challenges, the Classic is still finding support.


Gease: “The success rate during the event had not been what it had been in the past, and given the conservation concerns that happened last year and what were forecast for this year, which turned out to be correct, we decided to move the event into August and fish for silvers instead of kings.”


According to documents filed with the IRS, the Classic is KRSA’s major fundraising activity, bringing in over $300,000 annually.

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