Kenai City Updates Tide Dock Closures

Posted: July 19, 2013 at 6:02 pm

With bag limits increased and a record run of sockeye heading through the River, Kenai City Public Works Director Sean Wedemeyer said fishermen need to prepare for Kenai City Dock closures…


Wedemeyer: “The dock closure depends on many factors, the largest being: at what cycle of the tide are we in? At a positive 1.5 foot of tide, give or take, the ramp goes dry, and there’s mud at the bottom that prevents people from launching or retrieving. That’s affected also by which way the wind is blowing and how much water is in the river. So, depending on all of those factors, the dock launch ramp will close up to two hours before and after a low tide.”

Wedemeyer said it’s too difficult to give exact times the dock will be closed, and asked fishermen to consult the current tides before visiting the dock.

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3 Comments to “Kenai City Updates Tide Dock Closures”

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    With all the money they (the City) collects why haven’t they fixed this Ramp? Get an idea City of Kenai!

  • Alexi says:

    I hear theres plenty of water at ship creek, go launch you boat there!

  • alexi says:

    I hear theres plenty of water in ship creek, go home and launch there. Oh and take your litter with you.