Kenai City Council Votes to Send More Charter Changes to the Ballot

The Kenai City Council met on Wednesday night, and one item before the council, was to send more changes to the city’s charter to voters in the City of Kenai. These changes will ask voters whether or not to remove gender specific references from the charter. Kenai Mayor Pat Porter…


Mayor Porter: “I think that’s a good idea, I mean to me, that’s one that makes our citizens realize that we have a charter, and what is a charter. Because most of them aren’t really aware of it unless you’re really involved in politics. So it’s a pretty easy thing, like yeah this is not maybe right, maybe we want to keep it that way, but it gives them the option to vote yes or no should we change this, it also makes them more aware of our charter as well.”


We asked Mayor Porter, if there are more potential changes that could be sent to Kenai voters…


Mayor Porter: “Who knows in the future, there’s a lot of things in our charter, because it’s 50-years-old, that probably need to be re-looked at, as whether or not we do them as a whole and do our whole charter change, or do them a couple every  election, that’s to be debated at this point. But ultimately, it would the the citizens of this town that would make the decision, it’s not the council, on whether it would change, and that’s a good thing.”

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