Kenai City Council to Take Up Comp Plan Amendments Again Tonight

The Kenai City Council will take up amendments to the draft comprehensive plan once again tonight. The Kenai City Council closed the public hearing on the plan during their previous meeting, held on April 3rd.

The council took up a number of amendments to the plan during that meeting, we spoke to Kenai Mayor Pat Porter about some of the changes made two-weeks ago…


Mayor Porter: “The multi-use particularly around the highway corridor, and also changing some on Walker lane. Changing Angler Drive from multi-use back to Rural Residential 1, that’s something the residents wanted down there and so the council did that. The residents wanted the classification changed from the usage proposed back to being a park kind of an atmosphere, that’s a buffer zone they have between Walker lane and say the Aspen Hotel, and so we accommodated that for them as well. So I think, all in all, we’re listening to the public, we’re making some changes and some changes didn’t get made, but that’s typical of the process.”


The Kenai City Council meeting will begin at 7:00pm at the Kenai City Council Chambers.

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