Kenai City Council Supporting AGDC Gasline Project

The Kenai City Council met last night, one item before the council was a resolution to show the city’s support of an instate natural gas pipeline. The ordinance was brought to the council by council member Tim Navarre, however, during the meeting it was moved to have the resolution sponsored by the entire council. We spoke to Navarre about this resolution…


Navarre: “It’s primarily in support of the natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to the Cook Inlet, but specifically, to Speaker Chenault and Rep. Higgins house resolution at the state legislature, House Bill 4,  that approves certain provisions so that the Stand Alone Gas Pipeline can get to an open season, and get funding, get confidentiality rules they can follow, and determine ownership, how much ownership the state should have in the gas pipeline.” 


The council approved this resolution unanimously.

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