Kenai City Council Returns to Status Quo




Kenai saw a close Mayoral race yesterday, with just 32 votes separating the unofficial winner…





Chelsea Hart: “Pat Porter. I love Pat Porter.”


With 34 absentee ballots still to be counted, there is a chance challenger Bob Molloy could take the Mayor’s seat, but for now it’s status quo for the Kenai City Council.


Incumbents Brian Gabriel Sr. and Terry Bookey won reelection to their seats and Molloy will keep his seat on the Council.


The current Kenai City Council meeting agenda shows little controversy, with a presentation from the Kenai Community Mural Project one of tonight’s highlights.


We’ve previously reported that Mayor Porter donated the original “Kenai La Belle” submission to City Hall. She purchased the mural design at the Paint the Kenai reception last month.


Mayor Porter: “It’s a magical piece, it just speaks everything about the Kenai, it really does, and if you notice, even in the dark sky there, the big dipper is actually part of the landscape of that picture. It is amazing, I’m just ecstatic for the citizens of this whole entire peninsula this will be actually displayed in the mural form at the Kenai Airport for all the visitors to see, and the local people as well, because they use that airport as well, so it’s just magical.”


Tonight’s meeting will start at 7pm in the Kenai City Council Chambers.

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