Kenai City Council Passes ‘Status Quo’ Budget, Raises Fees

At last night’s meeting of the Kenai City Council, a unanimous vote passed the new city budget. Finance Director Terry Eubank gave us an overview…


Eubank: ” A large part, it’s a status quo budget. The city’s mill rate, the city’s sales tax rate all remain unchanged. About the only significant change is for the first time this year, the city’s going to split the operations of the personal use fishery out of the general fund, create its own fund, which will help us better account for it, be more transparent, all the costs will be accounted for there. Other than that, there were very few fee increases, there were some proposed changes to the fees for the personal use fishery, there’ll be some changes in rental rates over at Vintage Pointe and our water and sewer rates will be increasing, based on a rate study we had done a couple years ago.”


With a little over $15,000,000 in general funds and $24,000,000 in total funds, the city’s finances will be further strengthened by an increase in fees for water and sewer, Vintage Pointe, and services associated with the personal use fishery.


For more, see: Kenai Increases Fees for Dip Net Fishermen and Seniors.

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