Kenai City Council Member Outlines Need to Increase Rent at Vintage Pointe

The Kenai City Council, last week, as a part of their budget process approved a rent increase for the city owned Vintage Pointe senior living facility. We spoke to Kenai City Council Member Tim Navarre, who discussed the need for the $50 a month increase for existing residents, and the move to market rate for new residents in the future…


Cm. Navarre: “We really haven’t raised it [the rent] over the three-years. As you know, the city has to watch its costs. We are in the process of putting a whole new siding on the facility, and some other cost, so you try not to pass those along to the whole tax base, you try to have the facility cover its own costs, and for the most part it’s doing that and that’s good, and I’m glad that the majority of the seniors stepped up and said that they can handle a little bit of an increase.”

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