Kenai City Council Hosts Comp Plan Work Session Friday

The Kenai City Council held a public work session Friday night to engage with the community on the draft comprehensive plan. The work session was the brain child of council member Terry Bookey


Cm. Bookey: “We had good dialogue back and forth between the community and the council.  It really helped to clarify some of the concerns that I’ve heard from the community.”


One such member of the public was Greg Andersen who raised concerns over his neighborhood off of Angler Drive…


Andersen: “Angler Drive right now is zoned as rural residential, and there are 17-conditional use permits on the street, and the city feels that as far as the comprehensive plan goes, that by having those 17-conditional use permits, that its really more of a mixed use zone. Well, that’s a very broad statement, when you look realistically at whats on the street. All we have is fishing guides and lodges, we don’t have retail, we don’t have commercial, you know, other types. Everybody’s house is on a well, we have septic systems, so we don’t really have the infrastructure to support, you know, commercial type of development.”


The council will hold a second public hearing on the draft plan during the upcoming regularly scheduled council meeting, set for 7:00pm on Wednesday night.

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