Kenai City Council Held Joint Comp Plan Work Session Yesterday

The Kenai City Council, yesterday afternoon, held a joint work session with the Kenai Planning and Zoning Commission to have the council’s first formal look at the new “Imagine Kenai 2030″ comprehensive plan. Jeff Twait, Chairman of the Kenai Planning and Zoning Commission noted some of the changes from the previous comp plan.


Twait: “In the 2003 plan, they really were trying to focus on a city center, and some of the things they wanted to do there, seven years later, haven’t been accomplished yet. Due to some environmental factors, the bluff erosion, things of that nature, and some things that caused it not to happen. So we kind of re-shifted things a little bit, but we haven’t put it to bed yet necessarily, it still could be done.”


Kenai Mayor Pat Porter commented on the flexibility of such plans..


Mayor Porter: “If you would have looked, particularly  at our last plan that we had, you wouldn’t have seen any large box stores, meaning Home Depot and or Walmart type commercial act ivies in our communities. And so you have to be able to adjust your plan as you go along so that you can accommodate  how ever your community is changing. Because if you have a community that is healthy, it’s always going to be changing and may not go with how your plan was set. And you never want to say, ‘oh, we can’t do that because our plan doesn’t allow us’ because then you’re not a growing community.”


The Kenai City Council will begin their process with the plan in March.

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