Kenai City Council Editing Gender References in Charter

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 12:10 pm

The Kenai City Council will tonight consider changing gender-specific terms in the city charter. Mayor Pat Porter brought up some potential changes to the charter at the last city meeting…


Mayor Porter: “It’s almost 50 years old and a lot of things have changed in there. As a matter of fact, at the next Council meeting, we’re probably going to be looking at the way genders are addressed in our charter, and most likely that’ll be before the voters as well. “


Since the charter is effectively the constitution for the city, all changes will go before the voters this October. At the last meeting of the Council, members decided to approve two changes for voters to consider, removing the Mayor’s ability to pardon violations of the City Charter and removing the City’s regulation of milk and milk products.

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2 Comments to “Kenai City Council Editing Gender References in Charter”

  • Pete says:

    I don’t get it! Is this like to keep up with the changing times or to be politically correct? Has the charter not worked as it currently is? I remember 20-30 years back when things were so much simpler and our kids weren’t all on drugs and if they did something wrong they got smacked for it. Much less turning out to be gay. I won’t even go there! I cringe at the thought of some day seeing two hairy-legged guys walking through the store and they stop to kiss each other!!! Gives me the willies! I am not now a politically correct individual nor will I ever be!!! Just thought I’d voice my opinion before I become a minority or I flat out just can’t because our rights have been taken away. G’day!

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Right on Pete, The real news at that Kenai City Council meeting was the Airport “issues” and the demanding by government that a private developer spend money on a wasteful construction activity only because the City Manager likes to coerce and control out side his lawful authority and they let him do it!!!