Kenai City Council Discussing Closing On-Street Parking

Last night the Kenai City Council sat down to discuss the 2013 Kenai River Dip net Fishery Report and look at what they can do this year to make it more cohesive.


We spoke to Kenai City Manger Rick Koch about the possibility of eliminating on street and in-park parking during the dip net season.


Koch: “It eliminates some of the negative impacts on our¬†neighborhoods, we have alternative areas for parking for the dip net fishery that we’ve been developing over the past several years, the softball fields has expansive parking there. We like to see people park there and they can do drop offs down at the fishery rather than parking in neighborhoods that are full of businesses and residents and multi-family units, it creates a safety situation on the roadways and it provides access to the fishery in a way that the people are not paying for the services that they receive.”


He said these eliminations are not set in stone, but they are being heavily discussed within the council.


Koch: “I can’t tell you that its going to implemented for sure, its something that we’ve internally spoken about and I think we have a fair amount of agreement on, its something I’ll kick around with council to see what their feelings are on it obviously before we would move forward with that kind of prohibition on parking during the personal use fishery period.”

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