Kenai City Council Address Fish Waste Issues within City Code

The Kenai City Council met on Wednesday night. One issue before the council was an ordinance to change the city’s code when it comes to the disposal of fish waste, particularly when it comes to the annual dipnet fishery.


Koch: “It clarifies some of code, that makes it clear that you are able to dispose of that fish waste into the river, but not on the beaches.”


Koch also said that included with this change, was changes to the fess assessed for said offences…


Koch: “The code, as it was written, had a single fine for the offence of un-allowed disposal of fish waste, it was $500. We kicked that around, and felt that there were areas; there were types of disposal of waste on private properties that was unauthorized or uplands, in city rights of ways that still merited the $500 fine. But on the beach, because we’re trying to get people to comply, we’re going to have a high degree of enforcement there, we thought initially, if fines are imposed on folks for disposing fish waste on the beaches rather than the water, $150 was an appropriate level of fine.”


The council approved this ordinance unanimously .

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