Kenai City Administration Outlines Two-Tiered Dipnet Management Plan

The Kenai River Personal Use Dipnet Fishery is still months away, but the Kenai City Council held a second work session last night, to continue discussions of how to manage fish waste during the fishery. Kenai City Manager Rick Koch presented a two-tiered option for dealing with the fishery.


Koch: “My recommendation, unless there’s direction to the contrary from the council, we’ll undertake a much more aggressive program to rake fish waste down the beach to the tide line, and we’ll install dumpsters at periodic intervals along the beach for other solid waste, with intention of that moving into a fish waste collection program where no fish waste is allowed to stay on the beach in a year or two.”


Koch said that the initial portion of this proposal would include $5 fee increases across the board for dipnet related services, such as, parking, camping, and boat launch fees.

Koch also outlined part of the long term goal to create a task force comprised of representatives of the City of Kenai, City of Soldotna, Kenai Peninsula Borough, impacted individual/organizations at the Kasilof River, as well as the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, State DNR, DEC, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, and the South Central Alaska Dipnet Association.


Members of the public, primarily members of the eastside setnet community, spoke during the work session in favor of more intense measures, to have all fish taken off whole from the beach.

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